ADHD Thrive Book 2

Easy CBT Therapy Workbook for Emotional Regulation to Transform Behaviors, Develop Social Skills, and Sharpen Focus

Does your child's ADHD or ODD leave you feeling exhausted and alone?

A unique approach to ADHD.

Do you worry about how your child will manage school and friendships or feel overwhelmed by daily battles with impulsivity and hyperactivity?

Do the daily battles with impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity feel overwhelming?

Have you tried countless strategies, only to be met with disappointment and little progress?

If so, Helping Children with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder is your lifeline.

This comprehensive guide offers more than insight—it provides the tools to:

  • Create a calmer home environment, transforming power struggles into cooperation.
  • Boost your child's self-esteem and resilience, equipping them with essential coping skills.
  • Strengthen your connection, replacing conflict with love and laughter.
  • Identify and cultivate your child's unique talents, fostering an appreciation of their strengths.
  • Master effective communication strategies that enhance understanding and cooperation.
  • Become a knowledgeable advocate for your child, understanding the nuances of ADHD and ODD.
  • Rediscover the joy and hope in your parenting journey as you watch your child thrive and achieve their full potential.

Even if you've felt defeated, this book offers a clear roadmap to make a transformative difference in your child's life.

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Excerpt from Helping Children with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder © Copyright 2024 SpreadLife Publishing


You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.

—Franklin P. Adams

Colleen’s expectations about motherhood before and after she had her four children are quite different. Granted, she wasn’t so overly optimistic that she expected having children who never misbehaved or were always docile, obedient, and Shepherd-bound.

But she certainly never expected a child with oppositional defiant disorder either.

When Tim was nearly seven years old, Colleen and her husband discovered there was something different about their second son. He had an anger and defiance that Colleen recognized weren’t typical of a child his age. His formerly cheerful and sweet demeanor had made way for something rather unpleasant—to put it mildly.

His behavioral change began with sudden outbursts of rage several times a day. Outbursts morphed into arguments and hurtful tantrums as his cognitive and intellectual abilities developed. It wasn’t long enough before Colleen admitted that her son’s behavior was far beyond her pay grade.

Registering her despair, Colleen confessed in her diary that she thought the “latest child from hell” in her neighborhood had chosen her family as a landing pad. “Today has been horrible,” she scribbled in the tear-stained diary. “Tim has pushed me to my absolute wits’ end.”

Describing her woes, she cheerlessly penned, “When he isn’t knocking down another child’s block tower or tearing papers all over the floor—for no reason other than that he has the strength to—he is throwing tantrums that could last for several hours.”

Concluding her entry, Colleen resolved, “I definitely need God’s help now—and possibly the help of a professional.”

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