The Heritage Saga Book 1

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book for my daughter as a bedtime story and over the years it developed into the young adult novel it is today. Become a part of the wonderful world of Talveon and join Katherine on her adventures as she strives to navigate kind and evil creatures alike.

–A R Pliley

Widowed King Henry of Maltesh, was at his wit’s end raising his daughter, Katherine while keeping a kingdom running. In addition, the rival kingdom, Buletis, was again mustering to breach their borders.

The treaty had begun on rocky ground and with Staton, the traitor, in charge the treaty was all but guaranteed to fail sooner or later. Henry felt only the slightest sense of relief upon discovering the perfect companions for Katherine in Carey and Lance. Carey would be a close friend and companion, while for Lance, he and Katherine would either complement or kill each other. Henry was hoping the former as both were stubborn and strong-willed, yet capable of such kindness and compassion. Usually, towards each other, which gave him hope for the future.

But what does the arrival of Staton under a flag of truce mean for them? Will it cause all the kingdom’s secrets to be revealed?

Katherine will need to go on an amazing journey to find the answers and get to the bottom of Staton’s motives before its too late…

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