A personal message from the author:

I wrote and published my first book “Hiccups” when my son was born. It started out as a rap song about him getting the hiccups all the time. Then I decided it would be a cool book because it was closer to a poem than a rap song. Plus, I just thought it would be a cool thing to do for him.

After my daughter was born, I couldn't just have one book dedicated to one kid… so I wrote and published “Hiccups… Again?”.

— Dave W. Ball

How Do You Get Rid Of The Hiccups?

Are they just an annoying part of life?

What if the hiccups were actually an opportunity for you to bond and laugh?

Introducing Hiccups Again!

Bond and laugh with your child while they perform a “magic spell” to get rid of their hiccups.

Turn Hiccups Into Smiles

Making silly faces, tickling toes, and giving high fives are just three of the fun things your child will do while reading this book.

Fill The Room With Laughter

Hiccups Again is filled with great rhymes, vibrant illustrations, and lots of funny things to look at on each page.

See for yourself why families are raving about Hiccups Again.

Recommended for children ages 3-6.

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