Cowboy Ethan Cartwright thought his life was finally coming together. Still saddened by the death of his mentor and father figure Robert Whitcomb, he was sure he would inherit Robert's vast pasture land and prime livestock. However, Ethan was shocked to learn Robert's will came with a stipulation and that stipulation involved his granddaughter.

Angel Whitcomb, the errant granddaughter of Robert has until midnight to appear before his attorney to stake her interest in the inheritance. Robert's will stipulates she has one year from the day of his death to appear, then reside on the property for 6 continuous months, to claim his vast holdings of land and livestock. Not only had Angel not appeared in nearly a year, she didn't even attend her grandfather's funeral. Ethan is sure it's only a matter of time before the land and stock are his.

Angel's 11th hour appearance upsets all of Ethan's plans for the ranch land and the premium stock. Now the clock starts again. If Angel lives on her grandfather's land for 6 months she inherits it all. Ethan digs in determined to fight tooth and nail for the inheritance he feels is rightfully his. Likewise, Angel vows not to let her family's land and legacy fall into the hands of what she considers a stranger.

Both are spoiling for the fight of their lives. What happens when love rears its ugly head?

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