Historical thriller books always go with the same plots, twists, and endings whenever we read them. The only thing that makes them so unique is, of course, an unusual characters and the way they were told. This is why we prefer thrillers with famous people and politicians. It’s not all monsters and serial killers that can pique the audience’s interests, and if you are looking for a new twist when it comes to this genre, you can always try to go historical.

In this book list, we are going to take a look at the best historical thrillers that involve famous people, such as politicians and other known figures. Ready yourself for these crazy adventures, because even when you don’t know it, you will surely be sitting by the edge of your seat every time!

Never, by Ken Follett

A young intelligence officer, a spy undercover with jihadists, a brilliant Chinese spymaster, and Pauline herself, facing a populist opponent for the next presidential election, and the threat of world war.

It's a Ken Follett type of story once again because the author thinks of his audiences. The plot is quite complex, but not overly confusing. There are a few Chinese characters who have unusual names for us, of course, as their relational names are John or James. In addition, it is always clear which character it's about without having to refer to her.

Never is a groundbreaking book, full of anti-heroes, false prophets, and good fighters, jaded politicians and opportunistic rebels. It contains incisive views for our times, and delivers a visceral, chest-widening read that gets readers close to the edge of the unthinkable.

The Kremlin Conspiracy (Marcus Ryker Novel), by Joel C. Rosenberg

With the United States' war on terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria reaching new heights, an unpredictable new threat is emerging in Moscow. A Czar is rising in the Kremlin, a Russian president fervently consolidating power, silencing his critics, and plotting a bold and lightning-fast military strike that could rupture the NATO alliance and bring Washington and Moscow to the brink of nuclear war.

This book has many qualities in common with the novels written by the author that are well-known for their gripping danger. All the major characters in the book are designed exceptionally well. The script and description of this book allow you to feel as though you're invisible in the walls of the White House or the Kremlin plotting a possible assassination.

The President is Missing, by James Patterson & Bill Clinton

One of the bestsellers in the market, James Patterson and Bill Clinton embark in a new writing journey coming up with this thriller that exposes the secret things inside the government. The story circles around the huge threat facing America that made its people confused and terrified. However, some people think they know what’s happening. It’s not just cyberterror but there is someone, a Cabinet member that works as a traitor in the government.

The president did not escape the allegations too, and after knowing that he is considered as one of the primary suspects, the president just suddenly disappeared. Happening for around three days, this book gives us a clue of the possible vulnerabilities and conflicts of a nation. What’s more mysterious is that only the former commander-in-chief knows the hidden works that caused all the trouble. If you want to delve deeper and find out the next events in the story, make sure to have a copy of this book and read on!

The First Lady, by James Patterson & Brendan DuBois

What could possibly happen if the president’s secrets suddenly have been turned into weapons that could destroy not just his career but also his country? Well, this is the problem that Sally Grissom, an agent that is responsible for the president’s welfare, needs to confront. She started to sense that things are getting strange when she is invited by the president himself and his Chief-of-Staff with no spectators around only to know that the first lady is missing. Sally was asked to investigate things in secret.

At first, things were getting clear when the world found out about the president’s affair. People now think that the first lady is just taking a break from her failed relationship with the president until one day, the palace had been given a ransom letter with the First Lady’s finger attached to it. The question is, where is the first lady and what exactly happened to her? Find out by reading this thriller by Patterson and DuBois.

Memoirs of the Senator’s Wife, by S.M. Ford

It all begins when Xavier marries Estella after a long courtship during their college years. Thanks to his ties with a wealthy political family, Xavier easily wins his run for the Congress while balancing his duties as a father to his family. However, as Xavier gets involved with numerous dealings with celebrities, he destroys his marriage with Estella, leaving the poor woman feeling alone inside an unhappy family. Now, Estella only has Michael as her gentle and caring companion, him being her hired bodyguard from a Secret Service that only her husband’s ties know about.

Will Estella fight for her love and rising relationship with Michael? Or will she keep her stand in the complicated and overwhelming world of being the Senator’s Wife? Find out while you are reading this amazing historical book!

The Manchurian Candidate, by Richard Condon

If you are familiar with Sgt. Bucky Barnes’ history in Marvel’s Captain America, then you will surely enjoy this breathtaking story about a soldier with the same history and experiences as much as the infamous Winter Soldier.

Raymond Shaw is one of the best assassins anyone could ever find. He is a Sergeant and a war prisoner who dedicated his life in saving his own platoon. During his capture, he was brainwashed into becoming a living weapon just by hearing a specific signal from his captors. In order to stop the deadly living machine, Shaw’s former commander must uncover everything he needs to know to save his comrade’s life, even if it means that he will have to trigger his pal’s memories just to get back to his human side.

The Hunt for Red October (A Jack Ryan Novel), by Tom Clancy

When the Americans and the Russians start a vicious tug-of-war for The Red October (a Soviet submarine), Jack Ryan surprisingly finds this case on his desk and is confused as to how things got this far in the first place. Now, he comes up with his own set of tasks to complete the matter once and for all. Being a brilliant analyst for the CIA, Ryan knows that he is the only one who can deal with this matter in the most foolproof ways possible.

Will he be able to stop the impending all-out war that is boiling between the two powerful countries? Read this amazing written work by Tom Clancy and get ready for the mind-blowing twists and turns you will encounter!

Absolute Power, by David Baldacci

Luther Whitney gets trapped inside the closet of the world’s richest man and discovers something that changed his perspective of justice forever. Through a mirror, he saw the dirty secret that challenged his beliefs, and will sooner be used against him. Being a suspect, Whitney has one goal in mind now: take down the real suspect, or what he knows as the president.

Fortunately, the former public defender named Jack Graham took interest in Whitney’s case. However, they still do not know how to solve and unfold the remaining events that affected the secret Whitney found out behind the closet. Would they be able to give justice to what happened? Prepare to find out and read this incredible page turner by David Baldacci.

The Ghost Writer, by Robert Harris

Being a ghost writer means that you have to make your client look like they are the best of the best all the time. As Adam Lang (former Prime Minister of Britain) writes his memoirs, his ghost writer dies of unexpected circumstances. Now, Lang hires a new ghost writer, one that has no affiliations with his inner circle whatsoever.

As things progress in the writing process, the newly hired writer gets deeper into Lang’s personal life and business, and he starts to realize that maybe he should not have gotten deeper with these people. Numerous secrets unfolded between his eyes and the pages he is examining, and he starts to think if these may just be his last days on this earth.

The Day of the Jackal, by Frederick Forsyth

When you think of a jackal, you will see an innocent dog roaming around wild places, looking for food to eat without disrupting anyone. In this case, The Jackal is something else. He constantly runs around, looking for his next prey and readying his rifle for the next act of justice his superiors told him to act upon.

Being a member of the world’s most unknown secret service, this man is placed with a contract to assassinate one of the most heavily guarded men you will ever encounter, the France’s President himself. Now, a secret agent is tasked to find this mysterious killer, entangling himself in a cat-and-mouse chase that might change the overall course of history. Will he be able to pull it off? After all, there is nothing on this earth that can stop the prey drive of the renowned Jackal.

The Constant Gardener, by John le Carre

When a loving husband discovers that his wife got murdered in a mysterious country, he does his best to figure out what happened in any way he can. As Justin goes out of his way to uncover everything he could find, he finds himself in a conflict with his wife’s murderers.

Now, he finds ways to play a constant game of hide-and-seek with them, using only his knowledge in gardening and bureaucracy to get past the challenges he encounters on a daily basis. When it comes to this world, there is nothing more pure and soul-driving than the power of love itself, and Justin will make sure that his wife will rest in any way he can.


You don’t always have to look for the best historical thriller books if you are planning to explore with your genres. Just remember to choose the ones that would pique your interest, and you will be having a great time during your reading sessions. With the help of this unique list of historical thrillers, you will get to pick the perfect reads to experience a whole new universe of stories that would definitely blow your mind!

Make sure that you have enough cash in your wallet, because by the end of the day, you will be ordering one of these to add in your book list.

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