This honest, in-depth peek into Russia’s inner workings will answer your deepest, darkest questions about the Russian government.

Take an inside look at Putin's reign in Russia through the comprehensive lens of a former Russian lawyer.

Uncover the truth of the atrocities that have occurred in its legal system, their masquerading of human rights violations and their accusation of a rigged election for President V.V. Putin.

Delve into what researchers have found from the significant contradictions between Russia’s constitution, existing laws, and law enforcement practices.

Learn more about why many agree that the country isn’t at all what it appears to be on the surface and how it is impossible to be in this system while retaining any sense of rights or sanity.

Understand what has contributed to Russian becoming the zombie state we know today.

If you’re interested in digging into these kinds of investigations, then How Russia Became a Zombie State provides an eye-opening analysis of Russia’s inner workings.

With accurate information in straight-forward writing, readers are sure to leave this book with pertinent facts and eye-opening truths.

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