A lot of people do not pay enoguh attention what he or she buys in the store. We are satisfied when we find something that looks “nice”. Now here are some advices, that will be usefull during the shopping.

First Smell it
It is especially true when you buy a fruit, if it has no good smell, too strong or nothing special, it means that it is damaged or received a lot of growth enhancer.

Exemine if it does not got hurt
Most of the vegetables are damaged accidentally, but after the damage it deteriorates fast.

Check they are crisp and firm
Carrots, poteto, tomatoes, onion and most of the vegatables should be really firm when they are fresh. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,  leafs should be crisp, it is mainly because they are fully with water, and they did not dried out during the travel. Make sure the flowers (broccoli) are not fully opened, and they have deep green color.


Trust in you instincts
Buy those vegetables that you more likely love when you go in the store. Let me explain, in most cases we are planning our dishes well in advance, and buying vegatables and fruits accordingly. However it is true in case of vegatables (not in case of chips) that instinctional choice, should mean that your body needs some ingredients, minerals, that the exact vegetable contains.

Trust in stores you know
If there is a local market, or trusted seller do not hesitate to choose him or her.

and have a good time for dinner!