TheBRAGGFactor® Series Book 2

For College Students: Learn To Own and Communicate Your Value

A personal note from the author:

Who will benefit from this book?

This book is ideal for college students and recent graduates. It is designed to help them increase their success in finding competitive internships or permanent jobs.

TheBraggFactor® is a system that teaches you how to own and communicate your value. It is a system that teaches that no one can sing your praises better than you can, and no one can promote you better than you.

TheBraggFactor® will teach you to break down your walls and to overcome being uncomfortable about selling yourself by becoming your best advocate in order to have success in the job market.

I wrote this book because I want students and recent college graduates to get outstanding jobs.

–Winifred Bragg MD

Only 40% of all open jobs are advertised because promoting job vacancies is expensive and time consuming for businesses. This book is designed to help you go from where you are to where you want to be in your career by teaching you how to create your Bragg book for a competitive job market. This book gives you the fundamentals you need to learn, understand and put into Action the principles you will discover within these pages. And if the idea of self-promotion makes you nauseated and extremely uncomfortable, you will learn tips to help you change your mindset about the concept of bragging.

Throughout this book, you will find stories and inspirational messages as well as several sections of probing questions. The questions are opportunities for reflection, planning and thought, designed to guide you to achieving your success. I also stress the importance of how those who focus on rising above character flaws, lack of commitment and courage will enjoy career success.

Ultimately, the goal is for you to think about how your character, commitment and courage have been exemplified during your college and work experiences. It is these characteristics that you want to highlight as you create your BRAGG book.