An Action Plan For Small Business Owners

Are you missing critical marketing steps that can help your business grow?

Marketing is simpler than you think. Take control of your marketing, increase sales, and keep your existing customers by implementing street-smart actionable steps.

Warning: But first a warning, this book is not for everyone. This isn't one of those readily available “secret tips and hacks that double or triple your sales” books.

Do you wish that someone (with real marketing and small business experience) would finally tell you how to get your money’s worth out of marketing? Author and seasoned professional Zev Asch was once where you are now. In his latest book, he walks you through critically overlooked marketing essentials, gives his street-smart advice and shares simple steps that business owners can take right away to get a return on their marketing investment, increase sales and boost customer retention.

Asch, a successful corporate marketing executive and entrepreneur, has spent the last forty years learning what failing, stuck, and break-even businesses have in common. From start-ups to home-based and established businesses, including nonprofit organizations, Asch's simple insights will impact not only marketing but sales and customer service.

How to Get the Most out of Marketing is a jargon-free, actionable road map.

In How To Get The Most Out Of Marketing you'll discover:

  • Why having a written marketing plan is critical for any business
  • How to control your marketing budget instead of having your marketing budget control you
  • The reasons why you must get tangible, measurable results in your marketing
  • Why a strategy for consistent, measurable growth should replace your typical, roller-coaster sales ride
  • How a “Walk In Stupid Every Morning” cultural shift will dramatically improve your ability to compete and grow
  • What are the Three Engines of Growth and why they determine the fate of your business
  • The most untapped sales potential in your business
  • Three words that will boost your customer service delivery to “exceptional”

This book may be the best investment you've made in yourself and your business, and it can make a profound impact on the future of your business.


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