With the ever growing popularity of wireless earplugs and headphones, audiobooks received a boost in popularity this year. This trend will most likely to continue in 2020. 

Audiobooks aren't new at all, but in the recent years we started to attracted to this kind of entertainment. With emergence of ACX, a lot of books receive the opportunity to turn them into professional audibooks. Today it is also easier to bring our phone (we would take it anyway) with us, than a hardcover book. We could enjoy our favorite audiobook during a run, or at the gym. 

How to listen to audiobooks for free?

The first part of this article we would like to introduce the opportunity to listen any text based ebooks as audiobook. In the recent years thanks to the utilization of machine learning, TTS (Text-To-Speach) engines' quality developed tremendously. In short it isn't like a robot saying words. There is emphasis, articulation and also an end of sentences. Of course it has error especially if there are names in the sentences, but it is enjoyable to hear the voice of the TTS engine. 

How it works?

  1. Download a book read aloud app to your phone (our bookclub's pick is @Voice Aloud Reader for Android and Voice Dream Reader for IOS) 
  2. Download your book in epub, plain text or even PDF format
  3. Load your book into one of the above application, select your TTS engine (Google recommended) and the voice of the engine (there are certain languages where only one voice is available)
  4. Start listening your book

Listening Audiobook hassle free

If you have no time to read any tutorial and money isn't an issue than I would recommend audible.com. Amazon's platform gives you an excellent audibook experience with really great narration quality.

How it works?

  1. Get Audible app on your iPhone or Android phone
  2. Login with you Amazon account 
  3. Select among 200,000 audiobooks

From pricing point of view, on Audible you can get an unlimited monthly subscription which costs $15 per month or as an alternative you can buy titles one by one without having any subscription. 

Would you like to get a Free Audio book on Audible?
  1. Visit our “Free Audible” section
  2. Select a book you would like to listen
  3. Write an email to the book's author (just 1-2 lines)
  4. You will receive a promo code, which you can use on audible.com/acx-promo or audible.co.uk/acx-promo

Why we love audiobooks?

  • It is a hands free experience – We cook, doing exercises, run and even relaxing in our armchair while we enjoy great stories
  • You experience books differently – A lot of things depends on the narrator in case of any audiobooks. We have several favorite narrators on Audible (like Aaron Sinn) they style simply adds something as extra to the book
  • You “read quicker – When we read it is a slow process. We love to taste the books. When we listen an audiobook it has it's rythm, we need time to get use to the narrator, but once it happens the text get alive. 

Do you feel like listening an audiobook?

Pick one wireless earbuds. See what we use:

Connect to your phone. Start your preferred audiobook applications and start listening. If you need ideas for audiobook, visit our favorite Audible audiobook section or simply download some classic books for free from our collection.