Adventure Version

Owning Bitcoin is an exciting adventure that few have undertaken. So, like the adventure books from the past, you need to choose your own path. This book aims to teach you How to Own Bitcoin—your way—by giving you the tools to discover what your adventure will be.

No matter if you’re a total digital currencies noob or a Bitcoin maximalist, How to Own Bitcoin is your guidebook on a journey through a tangled jungle of myth and misunderstanding. This book was designed to shape itself to the user’s needs as they read through and choose the paths that interest them.

Each path requires different levels of skill to scale the mountain of knowledge.
You must find a way across the chasms of chaos by constantly considering your risk tolerance.
Every choice requires cunning to capitalize on the level of convenience that’s right for you.

If you choose to embark on this journey, you have stepped into a world where you are a pioneer, visionary, market maker, and a digital warrior.

Are you ready, adventurer?