The Wild Animal Kids Club Vol. 1.

A personal message from the author:

I truly believe that a child’s imagination is magical. And my son loved imagining what it would be like to go to Africa and see his most favorite endangered animal, the cheetah. My son's speech was delayed at a very young age and was also considered to be a struggling reader in school.

When my son fell in love with wild animals, I began searching for fictional books that portrayed cheetahs. I've always loved to create stories and when my search came up empty, I decided to write my first book, I…am…Cheetah! for my son as a gift. I continued to write and created a chapter book series with a new book released in 2020 and more to come in 2021.

The Wild Animal Kids Club series is filled with humor, friendship, challenges, a bit of fantasy, and the beauty of some of our planet’s most endangered wild creatures. I hope that my books will help children reduce their struggle and experience the love of reading through the stories I've created with the Wild Animal Kids. 

— Stephanie J. Teer

It's Friday at Safari Park. It's Park Day! It doesn't get much better than that. At least until the park bully shows up. She thinks all animal lovers are just a bunch of geeks and nerds, but five kids don't agree. Together, they decide to create The Wild Animal Kids Club to learn about endangered animals. But wait! This club is special. This club has a secret and no one can ever…ever find out what they are hiding. But you can!

Come join The Wild Animal Kids as they discover a magical secret that will teach them about endangered animals in a way they could have never dreamed of. It's a secret powered by their imagination and the belief that anything is possible. But will the Wild Animal Kids stand up for what they believe in? Will they finally find the courage to stand up to the park bully?


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