Unmasking Sexual Depression, Healing and Winning the Battle Within. Free Yourself from Yourself, by Loving Yourself!

A personal message from the author:

The reason for me writing this book is because of sexual PTSD, Trauma, sexual abuse, or sexual assault. It's no fun being trapped within yourself due to the cause of someone else's doing. People today are looking for an outlet to fix themselves without being confronted with negative actions or remarks from others. I walked many paths over the years. From listening to others, groups, and family members I never really got advice, help that was clear and beneficial. I had to learn everything on my own due to insufficient teaching as a child. Over time I learned that a lot of my problems came from trusting myself or judgments against myself. I had to figure this out on my own cause it was truly hard to accept anyone in my life new or old. Today, I am in a better position with myself and my loved ones after being open and truthful with myself. So I wrote this book hoping to reach others in similar situations.

— Lavender Jones 

How to Understand a Sexually Active Person Post Sexual Trauma

Regardless of how old a person is or their gender, sexual violence impacts an individual far past any of the physical injuries..

The emotional trauma of being sexually assaulted or raped can be life-shattering, leaving the person feeling alone, ashamed, and in fear. The good news is that blaming yourself, feeling defective and helpless are NOT reality. As difficult as it must seem, there are strategies and techniques that will help you come to terms with the unfortunate circumstances in your life so you can regain your sense of trust and safety, and learn how to heal and move forward in your life.
Understanding Sexual Repression/Depression .

  • Shame around any form of nudity
  • Discomfort or shock when viewing anything sexual on TV or in the movies
  • Shaming you for sexually expressing yourself in any way (i.e., You dirty boy, take your hand off of there!”),
  • Dirty, bad, and/or wrong labels for sex (Dirty magazines)
  • Anything having to do with sexuality is a family secrets, stiff gender roles, and punishment for any type of sexual expression

If you follow the training in this book, it is very likely that you will have the tools necessary to never fall back into toxic shame, depression/repression, etc.… again.

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