An adventure to the world's edge

Two corpses in a remote area of the earth and a mysterious object that triggers an upsetting climate change reveal a surprising new reality: the earth is not a planet but a flat expanse, separated from other regions by an ice barrier: Antarctica. While the world seems to be progressing toward the end, due to the surge in global warming that destroys the Arctic ice, Greta manages to make contact with the beings who live beyond that border and, with the support of world organizations, she organizes a mission to try to avoid the impending apocalypse.

Thanks to her particular sensitivity, the love she feels for Marc, who will accompany her, and the support of her best friends, Greta will be able to reach the barrier at the pole to ask for the help that humanity needs to survive. However, there are those who would like to prevent this, convinced that the precipitate of events with the overthrow of political and economic balances, may eventually lead to domination the world that will remain.


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