Your self-coaching travel planner for the life you want

Which of life's buses are you on? Are you on the trip of a lifetime or the daily grind? Are you enjoying the view from the bus window or is it a blur? Will your fellow travellers on life's journey say you made a positive impact or will they say you had untapped potential?

Using bus journeys as a metaphor for life, this straightforward and systematic pocket life coaching guide helps you decide if it's time to get off at the interchange and plan a better route. The exercises and process will prompt soul searching about what matters to you. At the bus interchange you'll explore your strengths, talents, values and what makes you get out bed. You'll work out what you want from life before catching that next bus. You'll have a better understanding of the journeys that have shaped you as well as the journey ahead.

Imagine Life as Three Bus Journeys draws upon the author's life coaching experience and the fulfilment of seeing clients take control of their personal and professional lives.


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