Impactful Leadership is a 7-step execution plan designed to take you by the hand from discovering your leadership style, to expanding your depth and reach as a leader. The core of this system focuses on human needs; how to lead people to a greater quality of life by helping them meet their deepest necessities.

The book is engineered to be very practical and action-oriented. You’ll engage in thought exercises, reflection, and practical challenges that help you discover yourself and the needs of others. In this way, each copy of the book is different for every person, because each person who goes through the book will have a different experience.

Impactful Leadership contains ample opportunities to journal and contribute to the pages, making it a living document that grows as you grow. By the end of the book, you’ll have a leadership framework that can be applied to the nearly endless array of human challenges. I encourage you to try Impactful Leadership, follow the 7 steps, and discover yourself within its pages.


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