40 Days of Encouragement Through Grief and Loss

A personal message from the author:

After a loss of any kind, whether it be the death of a loved one, losing a job, or maybe an expectation gone unfulfilled, that can take us to a place of grief. When we are grieving, it’s important that we recognize what we are going through and get the encouragement we need from God in order to get to a better place spiritually. This book takes you through a 40 day journey through the different stages of grief but with God instead of on your own. This book will be a catalyst on your journey through any type of loss. You can get through this. With God, you must be restored.

— Chidi Wosu

Have you ever felt hopeless after a loss? Are you looking for some encouragement? #IMUST, a book written by two-time author Chidi Wosu, a Ted X Alum, as well as executive coach for several Fortune 500 companies, gives her take on how to manage grief. In this book, the juxtaposition of the Bible to real-life metaphors gives it's readers easy to grasp spiritual encouragement. This book will help you navigate the different stages of grief with God instead of on your own. With God, you MUST get through this!

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