Twenty True strange, intriguing, even funny stories happening in life's last moments

A personal message from the author:

I did not work for the money, as all my co-workers. Our hearts and souls were involved. As a Hospice worker, I understood how a discipline could separate the love of self from the emotional need for helping. I have changed in so many ways since my involvement in such a noble institution.

I created this book to educate, inform, inspire, even transform. Its reading will affect thoughts and behaviors resulting from the knowledge of a world close to us and yet, so far, in the absence of a personal experience.

— Eunice Saintil

These stories are about love and friendship, hate and regrets in their true and absolute significance in that last stretch of road; about life in its extreme, majestic, unique, inconceivable aspects while stepping aside. You will laugh cry, because you will be amazed, fascinated, exasperated for Life can be absurd, grandiose, funny, strange, surprising.

This book will transport you to a world you have never seen or touched before.It will not leave you indifferent, for it will open your eyes and your heart. Twenty Genuine Stories counted by a Hospice Nurse about people approaching the end of that road as unique, moving, eerie, unimaginable things happen, just in these last moments of life. Each story is a revelation. Stories that make life worth living.


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