Reporting from the Front Lines of Inner-City Gun Violence

A groundbreaking expose on the rise of gun violence in recent years.

Journalist Josiah Bates pulls back the curtain on a crisis that continues to plague the United States in this gripping narrative. Fueled by the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest, gun violence has surged to unprecedented levels, devastating marginalized communities and urban areas across the nation.

Bates embarks on a heart-wrenching journey, crisscrossing the country to meet victims, perpetrators, community activists, and renowned scholars. Through their powerful stories, he unearths the hidden causes behind the escalating gun violence epidemic. From the corrosive effects of poverty to the contentious debates surrounding policing and calls to defund law enforcement, Bates fearlessly navigates the intricate web of factors influencing gun violence. Through firsthand accounts and expert analysis, he exposes the systemic failures that perpetuate this cycle of destruction and delivers a powerful clarion call for change.

Bates amplifies rarely heard voices in this debate, including both victims and perpetrators of shootings, some of whom now work tirelessly to dismantle the violence in their communities. Their stories, alongside Bates's unflinching reporting, illuminate a path toward long-term solutions. As the nation grapples with this relentless epidemic, Bates presents a compelling case for unity and action. In These Streets is a groundbreaking investigation that uncovers the deep-rooted causes of gun violence, empowering readers with the knowledge, empathy, and inspiration needed to drive meaningful transformation.

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