How to Build Financial Independence with Real Estate Investing?

In Your Element gives a real-life example of how one person started investing in real estate without any money or any prior knowledge of owning real estate. There are no elaborate plans of “flipping houses” or spending a lot of money with rehab projects. Just a simple start into an investment plan that can help you achieve financial freedom and leave a legacy of wealth to your family for generations to come.

Inside is help with answering the following questions:

  • How can I start investing in real estate?
  • How can I achieve financial independence?
  • How can I retire early?

Message from the author
“If you want something simple to get you started with real estate investing, gaining financial freedom, and building wealth for you and your family’s future, then this book is for you!
— Cole Worst

Kindle version will cost $0.99 from January 16-21.


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