In the year 2070, when there is no longer a planet Earth. Sam, the lead character, an orphan mutated girl embarks on a voyage through the 7 Infinits in order to save the woman who raised her. On this incredible journey she meets a heartless guy named Fear, with whom she falls in love. Sacrificing all, they travel from one Infinit to another, meeting the 7 leaders. They must unite to fight the dark forces and return the Earth back to the humans.

An allegory, the book informs its readers regarding cause and effect as it relates to our emotional behavior in a fun engaging, and imaginative way encapsulated in a Sci-Fi Fairytale. Nova believes she has found a mechanism to remind people about the simpler things we all tend to forget in our lives placing the importance on such values as nature, family, freedom, truth, justice, honesty, friendship and love.


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