Book Influencers

Authors have a hard time to find book influencers, who actually love to read new books.

On this page, we collect book lovers who are willing to read new books and paid only for their time, not for the rating they give. Please note our website isn't related to any individuals listed on this page.

If you are a book influencer or simply a book lover and wanted to be listed on this page, just drop us an e-mail with your social accounts and your favorite book genres.

If you are author, please only contact the influencers if your book is in the same (or close enough) genre as their favorite ones.

Mystery, Detective, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Health-Body care

Thriller, Mystery, Rom Com, Memoirs, True Crime

YA, Spiritual fiction, Non-fiction

Chase Noir
YA, Fantasy

Christina Marie
Children, Family, Kids

Janna Jeline
YA, Fantasy, Contemporary

Lula H. Belliveau
Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, Self-help

Shelly's Book Corner
YA, Romance, Mystery/Thriller

LGBT, Young Adult, Fantasy

Travel, Fantasy, Thriller, YA, Non-fiction

Last updated: Nov. 14, 2020