A Spiritual Guide to Infinite Mind Transformation

Do you ever feel you need more clarity in your life? If so, Infynite's new book brings answers for you.

What readers will find in this book:

  • A clear understanding of spiritual transformation
  • How to reach enlightenment
  • How to find your inner self
  • How to attain life purpose
  • A path to understanding the most important question ‘who am I'

Infynite I. Ayez talks about a worldly mess that will shake your mind, leaving you confused about what you thought you knew and didn't. Ever since a man held on to falsehoods, this has led to false information becoming true. When a person has been holding on to something that is not true for a long time, that falsehood becomes faithful to him. If a misconception has become a superstition that has taken root in a person, that superstition becomes so pure that he can never again find the truth untrue; that superstition will remain faithful to him. To know the secrets of life, a person must know what he knows and understand what he doesn't know.

This book is recommended for the readers of ‘The Alchemist' and ‘The Four Agreements.' Inner Initiation will shake the reader's mind that we do not understand the person we are except our names, bodies, minds, feelings, and all the role of a play in life. If you are one of them, and if you read this book, you will probably find out what you thought you knew about yourself, yet you don't know, and what you didn't know about yourself, now you will know.


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