Cancer is a debilitating disease that has become even more prevalent today. It leaves many people affected, patients, families, friends, and caregivers. Cancer patients go through a lot after diagnosis and during treatment. Because of that, some tend to blame circumstances or themselves, and they may lack the will to live. However, more and more people have also triumphed and beat cancer even against all odds.

To go through life after diagnosis, patients need help because it gets even more challenging. They need support, motivation, and inspiration. One of the best ways to do that and keep their minds off things is by reading.

Below, we recommend several cancer books and stories that will give patients and their families hope, comfort, and wisdom.

Cancer I Forgive You, by Shirley Johnson

This book tells a story of a mother whose son was diagnosed with brain cancer but who also became happier amid the challenging situation. Instead of choosing to fight her son’s cancer battle, she decided to redefine the narrative with forgiveness. That was critical to winning the fight and healing their souls.

Shirley and her family’s lives took an upside-down turn after Max’s diagnosis, and then came the Covid-19 pandemic, a period in which he was undergoing brain surgeries. When the doctors finally declared that his hands would be disabled permanently, Max chose to fight. He tried to move them every day. This was after he had already undergone three brain surgeries.

Max’s effort to keep trying led him to become a conqueror eventually. Today he can use both his hands to draw, and he is ready to surpass all limits. This book will show you how cancer can also give transformative opportunities, to be better and expand higher.

Tough, by Marquina Iliev-Piselli

Tough is the ultimate companion for those recovering from cancer. It tells the stories of different women undergoing different types of cancer. It is ideal for those who have received a new diagnosis and appeals to those who have survived and thrived. It is inspiring, heartwarming, and uplifting.

A breast cancer survivor has put the book together. She interviews thirty-seven women about their journey to put together honest and triumphant essays through their stories. This book is like a conversation with a friend that has cancer. As the book details, these women were able to find joy in their most difficult times. They got into various diverse and creative pursuits like stand-up comedy, writing, air guitar, drawing, and more.

Cancer tends to be isolating and drives many to look inwardly. However, this book offers insights about changing the narrative about focusing on your struggle and giving a space for others to tell their stories.

I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It, by Savio P. Clemente

This is one of the best books for cancer patients because it puts together cancer survival stories. The survivors offer insights into what they learned through their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journeys. Their challenging experiences immensely changed their perspectives. This is a book about spreading hope for second chances. In 2014, the author was diagnosed with cancer, but he made his five-year remission mark, and cancer-free moment count.

Savio depicts that cancer should not be viewed as a death sentence. You can heal and live life after cancer. It may not be easy to pick up the broken pieces because cancer is typically a long-term disease. However, to win the battle, you have to fight with willful thinking and not in the realm of wishful thinking. There are insights about seeking normalcy, knowing that the pain has a purpose, celebrating wins, keeping on learning, and carrying the cancer load positively.

Chemo, by Roxanne Brown

This book offers insights into taking the cancer journey and not putting your life on hold during chemo. It provides advice about achieving a better experience and living well through its advice for chemotherapy relief. Through it, you will discover valuable tips about overcoming your initial fear of finding out that you have to undergo chemo treatment and the side effects.

The book highlights step-by-step details about what may occur after diagnosis, possible reasons, what you can do, and where you can seek help. It has tips on dealing with nausea, mood swings, skin issues, and weight changes. It also discusses the number one concern about hair loss and how to deal with the emotions that come with hair loss.

You will get critical pointers about how to set up medical and support teams and how you can explain the chemo situation and its effects to your loved ones. Through this book, you will be helped to see how to enjoy life and thrive while undergoing chemotherapy.

OK, It’s My Turn Now, by Laura Katz

OK, It’s My Turn Now is a book intended to guide cancer patients through scary illness with empathy, dignity, truth, and hope. The book shares a dual point of view and perspective, having been written by a physician; that of a patient and a doctor.

You will see that even physicians with cancer also face the same fears, anxiety, and concerns through the book. However, the best part about it is that Laura will help you handle cancer with compassion, understanding, and grace. The author has put together this book with wit and grit to offer readers a candid and intimate look into the whole process. She details her emotions and relatable feelings.

Additionally, she also compounds some secrets to it, possible setbacks, and triumphs. She fills all the pages with humor, which will put a smile on your face. The book is helpful even for those around cancer patients.

276 Days, by Shannon Britton

276 Days is an upbeat insight into a cancer journey. It is a true and inspiring story about a woman diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. Shannon details her emotions and feelings and offers in-depth and precise information about her experience.

She provides cancer patients with a guide through the process and merges that with individual research. She also highlights various changes she brought forth and applied to her life and details different personal events factually, thoughtfully, and realistically.

This is a relatively short book, but it answers critical questions that cancer patients may be afraid to ask since they may seem too intrusive. Whether it is about biopsies, chemo, radiation, or surgery, it sheds light on the actual cancer treatments and the distress that may come about as you fight cancer.

You will be deeply inspired by the author’s heroic determination and willingness to approach her cancer diagnosis with a fight.

Peace in the Face of Cancer, by Lynn Eib

Many people are living under cancer’s shadow. Some are hopeful that they will beat the odds to be cancer-free, while some have had to face the fact that they are in it for the long haul. Others are standing by cancer patients, feeling helpless as they grapple with all the possible uncertainties.

Whether as a patient your cancer is said to be in remission, chronic, or cured, you can find peace even as you face that. This is the message this book passes.

Lynn shares how you can live well after diagnosis and also through life. She weaves together her survival story and others around cancer patients in pages filled with hope and inspiration. Those who are spiritual will discover how to bring God’s peace into their homes and hearts regardless of the medical prognosis.

This book oozes helpful and cheerful gems, having been written by someone who understands the fears, thoughts, frustrations, and anger cancer brings about. Lynn has written the accounts with gentleness and gives applicable quotes to lift your spirits.

Better Off Bald, by Andrea Wilson Woods

Better off Bald is a memoir-like book that gives a raw and honest story about staying courageous

and offering unconditional love. The author narrates her teen sister’s story Adrienne, which makes this book inspiring for both patients and those around them. The book will encourage patients to fight harder, inspiring those around them to do better.

Adrienne was depressed and, at times, suicidal up until she received a stage IV liver cancer diagnosis. Having to face the fight of her life, that is when she discovered her will and wanted to live. Andrea was Adrienne’s legal guardian, and she had to be there for her sister as a parent, friend, and guide.

The book gives a heartbreaking story but shares moments of joy these two sisters enjoyed together. They experienced suffering through Adrienne’s journey, but they found courage, persistence and kept holding on to each other. This story may have had a somber ending, but it offers a powerful message about living fully, not giving up, and cherishing loved ones.


Books about cancer can be a way to open up a new world for patients. They give them insights into their experiences and survival.

The books we have recommended above will be helpful for patients to navigate their cancer journey, which is usually confusing and scary. They will offer a new and positive perspective, emotional support, and empathy.

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