It Gives You Strength is an action-packed mashup of historical fiction, science fiction, and fantasy set in upstate New York during prohibition.

An alien visitor to the primitive planet Earth has one mission-to bring a child home. However, while searching for her, the alien is caught in a gang war. He must act quickly, or his home planet will, devastating the Earth.

It is 1926, the height of prohibition. Tashan Zho, an alien scientist, is sent to Earth on a rescue mission. The alien's method of disguise, the Transference Protocol, allows the extraterrestrial to reanimate the body of a dying host so that the alien can seamlessly walk among Earthlings.

However, when Tashan Zho reanimates the remains of a dead bootlegger, his memory and mission files are seemingly corrupted by the alcohol-ravaged body. Now, all he recalls about his assignment is one phrase, “Find the one called Mike Kelly.”

Kelly is the leader of a criminal gang of World War One veterans fighting the mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond to control the Canada/New York rum-running market. He's also the only person who can help Tashan discover his mission's objective and help complete it.

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