TikTok has brought us sensational content, which is why I am a fanatic. On this platform, I discovered Jeneva Rose, the author of spectacular books. I love reading, but honestly, I consider thrillers the epitomes of book genres, and Jeneva is one of the rising star of gripping thrillers.

Who is Jeneva Rose?

Jeneva Rose born in Wisconsin and wanted to be author since her childhood.

She loves Colleen Hoover's books, Peter Swanson's The Kind Worth Killing and You by Caroline Kepnes.

She draws her book ideas from her interactions, meetings, or everyday events. These inspired also the plot of One of Us is Dead, while she was sitting in a salon chair in Wisconsin with her hair stylist.

She uses “J. R. Adler” as pen name for her crime thriller books.

She is currently living in Chicago with her husband Andy (best known about his funny videos), along with her English bulldog.

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I have read Jeneva Rose books and ordered them below. The first three are published under the “Jeneva Rose” name, but the last two are titles of her Detective Kimberley King series, which she writes as J.R. Adler.

What are the Top Jeneva Rose Books?

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The Perfect Marriage (2020)

If you love psychological thrillers, you will be in for a real treat with The Perfect Marriage. It is a twisty, compulsive read with an intriguing plot in which Jeneva highlights themes of betrayal and justice.

What would you do if your husband was accused of murdering his mistress? Would you be his attorney? This is the story of Sarah Morgan, a successful attorney living her best life. But her husband, Adam, doesn’t have everything going well for him.

Since Sarah is constantly working, he gets tired of their relationship and engages in a passionate affair with Kelly. Everything changes when Kelly is found dead, and Adam is arrested for her murder. Sarah will find herself playing Adam’s defender. Is he guilty or innocent?

This book delivers good, plausible suspects, suspense, and drama, and you will not even be ready for the ending. It put me at the edge of my seat and literally hooked to the last page.

One of Us Is Dead (2022)

Buckle up if you love mystery or a suspense thriller where you must keep guessing who, why, and how. This book is packed with twists and turns and characters you will cheer on, feel their sorrow, and some you will want to slap.

It is the story of six Buckhead females. Jenny owns Glow, the salon for the privileged. She knows all her client’s darkest desires and secrets. Keisha is Jenny’s friend, and one of her employees, Shannon, is an ex-wife seeking revenge. Crystal is a new wife in town who doesn’t know what she has gotten into by marrying Shannon’s husband. Karen is a realtor, and then there is Olivia, currently the leader of this group, who will use any trick to earn her place, manipulation or backstabbing.

Who will survive, and who will die? You can only find out by reading this book.

I loved how this book shows a different lens of friendships by showing that they can be deadly if we are not careful. This book schemes mean ladies, secrets, sex, and scandal, all wrapped up in luxury and privilege. Everything is to love.

The Girl I Was (2021)

If you loved the movie 13 Going on 30, The Girl I Was has a similar theme but is better. It is a time travel romance that will take you back to the 2000s pop culture, trends, technology, and entertainment.

This book will show you that you can learn from your mistakes and change your life for the better. It will have you thinking about your past relationships, remind you of the things you never appreciated enough, and how essential it is to love yourself.

 The Girl I Was begins with Alexis's problems and failures in her older age. She loses her relationship, job, and friends and has substantial college debt. She constantly blames her younger self and the world, convincing herself that she should have tried harder.

When she blacks out while trying to forget her problems, she wakes up back in her college town. Thinking she has a new chance at life, she encounters her 18-year-old self, Lexi. Dealing with Lexi will be difficult and troubling even as Alexis convinces her she is from the future.

Lexi and Alexis will have to learn how to get along and realize that they can change and better their lives together.

Dead Woman Crossing (2020)

Dead Woman Crossing is an atmospheric and gripping thriller about a town whose community is left shaken after a murder. I loved how tense and full of action it was. Its lead character is Kimberley King, who leaves her job as a homicide detective to live in Oklahoma with her daughter, step-father, and estranged mom.

Kimberley was impregnated by a loser who ignored his responsibilities, leaving her daughter in a babysitter’s hands. In Oklahoma, she struggles with culture shock and discovers that her mom and step-father do not have a life in roses.

She will start a job under Sheriff Sam Walker, and they will build a relationship. But one of Kimberley’s friends is brutally murdered. The investigation will take a sad turn.

Dead Woman Crossing has themes of dysfunctional families but still illustrates that relationships are works in progress. I loved how it shows how vulnerabilities sometimes shape our character and environment.

Last Day Alive (2021)

Last Day Alive continues the story of detective Kimberley King. If you are a thriller junkie, this one is for you. The sheriff’s department she now works in gets a call that a ten-year-old girl is missing. Piper, the missing girl, goes missing while heading to her friend Miley’s house for a sleepover.

Kimberley and Sam must start the search, but their leads are not fruitful. There are no witnesses to this case, darkness is falling, and Kimberley now begins to fear the worst might happen.

Piper’s body will be found, but Kimberley also receives a call that Miley is missing too. Desperate to find who has taken these girls, Kimberley tries all the leads- Piper’s downbeat uncle, who came to town when she disappeared, and the summer camp counselor who the girls worshipped.

This installment is packed with love and humor. It has no clear suspect, making it even harder to guess whodunnit.

Final Thoughts on Jeneva Rose Books

Jeneva always delivers when it comes to giving a story an engaging thrill. She writes in a relatable and imaginable way, making her works excellent. You will not know what I am talking about unless you get hold of her books. But you now know where to begin.

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