Exploring Nature Books Book 1

Curious kids wishing they could travel somewhere far away and exciting? 

Eager parents looking for fresh, fun ways to teach kids nature and science?  

Check out our Exploring Nature Books!  Each book in this fun, educational adventure series features an exploration of animals and nature in diverse ecosystems around the world.  Follow as fun-loving, ever-curious sibling duos travel across the globe to learn new facts about the diverse animals who make their homes there. With a different location and vibrant illustrations in each book, young readers will be taken on immersive learning journeys that will pique their curiosity to learn even more.

The exploration all starts in “Family Safari Adventure” with the sibling pair Jennifer and William. They are thrilled when they learn they will be leaving the Concrete Jungle of the big city to join their zoologist parents on an African Safari in Botswana. The pair are full of questions for their scientist parents. From lions, elephants, and giraffes, to gazelles and zebras, the siblings learn some fascinating answers to their questions about the animals on the safari:

  • What surprising food do elephants eat in order to aid their digestion?
  • How fast can the top predator run, and will he use his speed to spoil the big Animal Kingdom Party?
  • What are the tallest, the heaviest, and the strongest animals in the savannah?

It all ends with a surprise for the sibling explorers in this fun, entertaining trip.

Great for teaching children about diverse habitats and the animals that live in them, this picture book is a welcome part of any school or home library. Let “Family Safari Adventure” be the inspiration for your next “virtual” family get-away!

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