In A Magical Universe

Open your heart and embrace the journey of self-discovery and transformation in order to manifest a universe brimming with magical synchronicities and unlimited possibilities.

–Mati Fuller

My aunt recently asked me: “Why did you choose a journey of awakening, when you could have been a doctor living a life of physical abundance and ease?”

The answer was easy; because awakening was more important to me. I wanted to live a rich life, rather than a life of riches.

The purpose of my life was to live, love, learn, and expand in consciousness, and to share my newfound wisdom and understanding with other seekers of truth. While this may look foolish to people who are still motivated by money and power, I am not concerned with their judgment.

I am here to shine the light where light needs to be shone, and to show you the truth as I have seen it through an open heart and a mind willing to learn. And while the experience was raw and intense, the outcome was one of total transformation taking me beyond my wildest imagination. Was it worth my while? That is for me to know and for you to find out.

If you join me on this journey of awakening, I’ll show you how to step out of your logical universe into my magical one. It is easier than you think…

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Excerpt from Journey of Awakening © Copyright 2023 Mati Fuller

I felt pregnant. Not in a physical sense but more so in a spiritual or creative sense. Something was brewing inside of me and I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to turn into. When you are physically pregnant, you know that you are having a baby, but a spiritual or creative pregnancy is very different because you have no idea what you are giving birth to. All you can feel is that it’s time to express something that needs to be said or done.

This is a time for awakening. All the facades are cracking, and people are finally finding the courage to be more vulnerable in their relationships and more real in the way that they deal with the world. We are here to step out of the delusion that everything is perfect and admit to ourselves that nothing is as it seems anymore.

What we used to think a perfect relationship looked like is no longer seen as an ideal way of life. People are experimenting with new ways of relating now. Family is no longer seen as a fixed unit containing a mom, a dad and 3 kids. Perhaps you don’t even feel compatible with your blood relatives because you no longer see eye to eye on anything. You may be seeking out like-minded people who can become your spiritual family instead.

In this time of upheaval and change, the biggest shift we are going through right now is not financial or political. It is spiritual. All of our traditional values are being questioned and adjusted and people are experimenting to find new values that are a better match to their current perception and lifestyle.

One day I just sat down and let the words flow. I had no fixed ideas of where this book was going but as I was writing, I became aware that we are in the middle of a bigger transition than what I thought. We are in the process of moving from head to heart, from logic to magic, from doubt to faith and from manipulation to allowing.

This book is not just about my own personal journey; it is about the journey of awakening that is happening right now on a global scale. We are all in this together, and as raw, vulnerable and provoking as the book may be for some, I’m sure that most seekers of truth will find something that resonates with what they are also experiencing.

My purpose for writing this book was to bring the light where it needs to shine. Life doesn’t work in straight lines anymore. It zigzags all over the place, through the good, the bad and the ugly. We are here to learn from it all, until we realize that it is all good. It isn’t what happens that matters, but how you dance with it and what you learn along the way.

As you find the courage to leave everything you know behind in order to expand to a higher level of consciousness, you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone and forget everything you think you know. Together, we are creating a brand-new future…

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