Isabella Kibunri is a busy and passionate stay-at-home mom. She is a very positive person who loves to learn and share knowledge with other people. She loves taking care of her children, traveling, problem-solving, and reading. Isabella’s experience as a stay-at-home mom made her self-development skills grow as it helped to bring out her imagination. Through this, she has been able to learn skills that will help to bring out the gift of the stay-at-home mom. She has been married for sixteen years and is a mom to four beautiful children.

We are all born with talent. When that talent is realized by us is a matter of time—a moment. Journey to Success with Isabella Kibunri motivates its readers to seize that moment. The author beautifully explains how we can seize our moments and make the best use of them. Learn how success comes from within you, and do not be afraid of failure. Just go back and keep trying again.

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