…Whatever I said she didn’t listen, but rowing into the storm. Ten minutes later, a thin trickle of blood ran down from a cut in her hand. She didn’t look at it—she just kept rowing. Now her blood flew like a brook from her hands and it went all the way down to the bowl of the boat creating a small pond of blood, the blood that drummed my heart so hard. I couldn’t stand to watch her do this crazy thing anymore…

…‘Do you see the island you are looking for?’ I asked her in a very loud voice across the electrical charge in the funnel of the storm.
‘Yes, we are very close to it,’ she happily said as if the storm was a kind of her transportation.
When we were about to meet the funnel of the storm, the wind turned wild, tried to lift us up, but the water at the bottom seemed to suck us down into the bottom of the sea. Then the bow of the boat fell into the funnel and it spun around the cone in funnel form. One moment later, the boat was snapped and we all kick out into the sea….

…I woke up and felt the gentle sound of waves lapping the sand near my ears. I opened my eyes and promptly shifted away from the scorching sun. I staggered up to the beach and sank myself down under a tall tree and looked back into the sea. Three small blurred islands appeared in front of me. I slowly closed and opened my eyes for several times, before I could see the perfect view of those islands, beautiful like paradise. I unhurriedly gazed to the left and saw lines of tall trees, closely grown to one another. And at the far end of the island in which I was sitting on, emerged another small island out in the sea.
I turned to the right and everything was the same—thick forest, tall trees and another small island out in the sea. As I noticed from left to right for a couple of times, I noticed that the big island in which I was sitting on was half circled by the five small islands. So in total, there were six islands—five small islands and one big island I was sitting on.
The island itself was remarkably old and it was left here alone in the middle of nowhere for nature to concur and for trees in all sizes and shapes to grow freely on the land. The terrible storm had brought me here on this paradise island….


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