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When I visited Longwood, the most popular tourist attraction in Natchez, Mississippi, I came away yearning to know more, particularly about the woman behind the man who built this 30,000 square foot unfinished mansion on the threshold of the Civil War. Somehow, I knew that “Julia” wanted her story to be told. After researching old letters, court documents, photos, newspaper publications, and genealogy records, I'm happy to introduce you to Julia, Mistress of Longwood. As one reviewer wrote, “Prepare to fall in love with Julia.”

— Linda Metcalf

Go back in time to the 19th-century Deep South when America hurtled slowly to a fiery eruption. Learn how a privileged naive girl born into an aristocratic slave-holding family evolves into a woman of courage, determination, and resilience while overcoming unspeakable trials and prejudices. Based on actual historical events told through fictional diary entries from 1834-1897.

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