1327. Sindh Province, India.

The day of Holi has passed. In its wake, decorations littered the empty streets in tribute to the end of winter and the hope of new love. While the village slumbers, young Aadhila runs through the dark carrying a terrible secret. She must find her husband and father before it’s too late. The world they will awake to is one of terror, not joy.

In a nearby village, Aadi watches as everything he’s ever loved is destroyed before his eyes. Then, a final humiliation is inflicted. Robbed of his masculinity, Aadi ‘The Lucky Eunuch’ is forced to abandon the remains of his loved ones and kneel in service to his enemy.

As India falls under the shadow of Islam, Aadhila and Aadi face a long march of brutality and disgrace—if they’re able to survive at all. But what kind of existence is one without belonging, or hope? In this sweeping story inspired by historical events, Aadhila and Aadi must find the answers inside themselves and each other, or surrender once and for all to the darkness that stalks them.

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