Secrets at the Observatory

Kevin Deer, a high school junior at Cambridge High Boarding Academy, a private boarding school, encounters a humiliating
heartbreak from his first love. By chance, or perhaps fate, the hopeless romantic discovers a magical book, left behind by his astrology professor, that enchants a serendipitous series of events to help him eventually find true love—he would encounter twelve girls with twelve different zodiac signs, and he will meet their best and worst sides.

As he embarks on this journey with his best friends Claire Wong and Sam Plimley, a mysterious cyber bully named Z emerges in an attempt to ruin everything. Will Kevin and his friends be able to overcome the obstacles Z puts in their path? If Kevin can make it through, he will be rewarded with true love.


Read online Kevin Deer & the 12 Mistresses of the Zodiac by Isaac J. Reed

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