A personal message from the author:

“Everyone dies, but not everybody lived”…after a most romantic adventure and mystic experience, I was conceived with “the Christ” seed and it was almost like my body had to become a vessel to deliver this book. It is hard to explain but if you turn the pages, you will find out why. There is a spirit who was guiding me to heal, to spread the messages.

I wrote this book for myself, and us, in full forgiveness and compassion …so you don’t have to pay ten of thousands of dollars to see therapists or lawyers, so you will not keep running away from insecurity over and over again, so you know the map to go back to the heart of your loved ones that just being stolen or bombed away, after the trauma, war and revolutions…so you don’t become homeless in the most magnificent home on earth…

yet you don’t have time to read. You run around looking for healing, and you don’t know that words and chemicals both can be medicine, and poison…the line is so thin… the absolute freedom by complete surrendering, free will by losing controlling and letting the divinity in🙂

When the society judges you and makes you lose in fear and judgment, you know the only way to survive and com out stronger, is….kissing Carte Blanche…we share that intricate map, and this book is part of the map for the puzzle.

— Margaret Hebe Zi Mi

If you are a mother, a lover, a seeker, you would sooner or later encounter this poetry book.

This poetry collection of Margaret Hebe Zi Mi Draws “An emotional, psychological and spiritual map towards 4.5 dimension, between human and God, love and lust, death and heaven, surrender and enlightenment, to ascend human consciousness from 3D to 5D, and descend from 5D back to 3D earth in unprecedented reality.”

Her expertise is evolving consciousness by disrupting old patterns and embedding new ones that facilitate the love frequency on Earth through human DNA. Love is the elixir of life. The purest form of love can transform black holes into magnificent garden planets brightened with diversity and vitality.

Fire of love and romance, beauty of ecstasy, height of spiritual experience, travelogues of breathtaking expeditions and story of life experiences she has encountered and resultantly finding out and getting introduced with her avatar (soul mate/Aura) enables her to examine the pulse of nature with a scientist’s lens and DNA reading. She can see and express very clearly “What is going to happen” in and beyond 2020. In her poems she says;

“The world is spinning into an unknown net,
it is my turn to rescue you from the catastrophe,
in my subconscious mind, exhausting my power.
I will count back 5-4-3-2-1, please,
run as fast as you can, from the largest burning in history.”

“But as you grew,
you could not un-grow.
As you knew,
You could not un-know.
Miracle worked in an illogical way,
if you loved me, you would come back.
Once you loved, you could not un-love,
Like a war, easy to start, was difficult to stop.”

“Let me kiss you, your Mantra ray and Iguana’s dream,
prepare you to be the new governor of the new earth.”


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