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I would like to share a the most basic human characters that I identified during my past 29 years. This typology is based on how people interact with each other, what will be the most impressive side of the person, that you will remember when you communicated with that very person.

But first understand the most basic emotions of the human beings as described in Plutchik Wheel:


…and now the characters…

I. The Intimidator

After speaking or being in the near to an Intimidator, you feel yourself frightened. Fear is a real addictive feeling that could make strong connection between you and the Intimidator. You could barely  confess you are this kind of relation with someone.

The feelings that emerges in you: fear, terror

II. The Energetic

Energetic people are those, who could never stop. They could not really listen to each others, they always go after their mind. You could trust in them that they have some idea for the rest of the afternoon. They love traveling, and hate sitting at home.

Feelings: rush, aggressiveness

oh-myIII. The Exhibitionist

They are the ones, who  love to be on the stage and acting according to everyone should see them. They are acting in order to claim some attention, they love to act silly. Often they clothing fancy way, their dresses are provocative.

Feelings: amazement, contempt

IV. The Interrogator

Interrogators like to embarrass you, put you out of your comfort zone. They are seeing the world with the eyes of a criticism. They would always put themselves above the others.

Feelings: discomfort, annoyance

V. The Poor One

Those people who control others by letting others to know their poor life. They are acting like they have never luck, the life is around them is a mess, even if they drive a Ferrari. If your are near to a Poor One, you start to listen him or her by paying strong attention.

Feelings: sorry, compassion

VI. The Mysterious

You have the feeling next a Mysterious that there is much more in this person that he or she shows about his- or herself. These people are not chattering too much, they are not the center of the conversation, but they saying interesting things and they are really good listeners.

Feelings: interest, anticipation

adventure-boyVII. The Adventurer

Adventurer is someone who just enjoys the life, nothing matter, nor their relations or money. They are the ones who doing extreme sports or travelling all over the world by just themselves.

Feelings: ecstasy, joy


There are  lot of different characters, with lot of different control dramas, everyone mastered how to bring out certain feelings from others. The purpose of understand the types is to acknowledge the everyday's reactions, to choose more wiser reaction to certain people. You can act more consciously when you understand the very feeling that emerges in you.