Tenebris Trilogy Book One

In the wake of a hurricane that has destroyed the entire region, a promiscuous redheaded girl named Rimalla, and her friends must come together to save a middle-aged cleric named McClandon. They must unravel the secrets of a generations-old bloodline curse called the Nightshade.

The Burgonestti Estate and the nearby Village of Greenfield is populated entirely with old and retired adventurers well past their prime. Rimalla Burgonestti is one of only three people under the age of twenty who lives in Greenfield. She soon discovers the only thing older than the local population is the dark family secret some of them have been keeping. Rimalla discovers the value of friendship and learns to look beyond her own needs to serve a greater good.

In a land where anything is possible, with a little luck, a little magic, and some help from the moon above, Rimalla and her companions might be able to see their plan through and break the Nightshade curse. Things are not as they appear, as an unseen hand guides them; One of them has yet to discover his purpose; One of them will have to learn self-disciple; And one of them is about to have kittens…

Personal quote from the author:
“Writers are guides who can take you to places you never knew existed.”
— Kenn Baughman

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