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I had been wanting to create a modern twist on The Outsiders and The Grapes of Wrath. I had been thinking on it a while but hadn't put a story together until I played with a few keywords: Oklahoma, dust bowl, class-warfare, poverty, hacking, and a diverse group of teens. Then I added the Frackheads and the story took on a life of its own.

— Melanie S. Wolfe

They were supposed to be the next Kennedys, each adopted Wilson teen prepared for a specific political office, but when their father, CTO of Colossal Oil is falsely accused of stealing from the company after he publicly voices his concerns about the recent return of the dustbowl and fracking chemicals leaking into the drinking water and its correlation to the current outbreak of Frackheads (people who drink tainted water and become psychopaths and roam the roads with one mission, to kill for fun) the family’s focus goes from the future to a hacking revenge operation. However, the eight kids are getting burned out and want to move on with their lives. After their night off in OKC, and a series of unfortunate events, the once unified Wilson clan struggle to keep themselves alive and their beautiful, unique family together.

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