A personal message from the author:

Discovering Tibetan Buddhism after a devastating break-up that left me suicidal and depressed, I started a spiritual journey that was full of magical, mind-blowing coincidences—including an impossible synchronization the night of my mother's passing that eliminated my fear of death. By the wise and compassionate guidance of a Buddhist master, I traveled to beautiful India, discovering more about the power of consciousness—and eventually stood face to face with a meditator in the jungles of Nepal whose existence defied conventional scientific wisdom. Today, I experience continuously increasing joy and have not had a nightmare in over fifteen years. My story will jump start the reader into a transformative and healing worldview that can benefit their own journey of the heart and mind.

— Marc Preston Moss

Through arduous and enthusiastic study of the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, the author successfully conquered the anxiety and depression that arose due to years of heartbreak. Separated into four parts, each according to one of the Four Noble Truths-the core teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha-the author recounts spinning in circles of his depression, relentlessly seeking relief, and the spiritual path onto which he found himself pulled after seeing an interview with the Dalai Lama.

His transformative and healing journey led him to the compassionate culture and unique preservation of authentic Buddhism in the Tibetan people, illuminated and introduced by a master who took him under his loving, kind, and skilled care, and set him on a life-changing trip to the other side of the world in the mystical and beautiful lands of India and Nepal. A series of seemingly impossible coincidences solidified his resolve, each chipped away at the binding chains of habitual negative emotions, entirely freeing him of nightmares and his fear of death.

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