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From the author:

“I wrote this book to help people unlock the mysteries of playing guitar solos. Over the years I've seen people struggle with this topic (and still do) and would like to offer an easy solution to the problem. That is what Lead Guitar Wizardry is. A simple step-by-step learning method to get the total beginner (even if they have no previous music training) to be able to understand and play guitar solos.”
Dwayne Jenkins

Rock guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Van Halen made playing the guitar look like magic.

Now you have the ability to learn how to play lead guitar and create magic of your own with this book.
Jam packed with simple diagrams and clear explanations, this training manual lets you practice at a pace that’s right for you. You’ll learn the secret formulas & techniques that provide the foundation of rock guitar as if you were taking private lessons with this basic course.

You’ll learn,

  1. How to play your own guitar solo you create yourself (your friends will be cheering for more)
  2. The lead guitar solo techniques of musical greats that you commonly hear in songs
  3. The modern step-by-step method to pick up axe skills faster than you thought possible.

From finger exercises to scales and basic music theory, this is the how-to guide to help anyone who’s dedicated enough to put in the effort to learn the sacred art of lead guitar.

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