An Inspirational YA Fantasy Journey of Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

A personal message from the author:

Leila is a fantasy journey into the place between life and death. The main character, Leila, is a teenager on the brink of committing suicide. She is swept away by benevolent forces to examine her life, herself, and her choices. This work is written from the perspective of the main character, and the reader travels with her through different spheres of existence in the company of her guide, Axel.

It takes courage to be a happy teenager. Teens often suffer from low self-esteem, relationship troubles, family dynamics, peer pressure, anxiety, depression… Working with teenagers for a decade has made me realize how beautiful, vulnerable, strong, yet fragile their world can be. We all want to feel good enough, loved, and accepted. We all want to get up and see this world a bit brighter, and go to sleep knowing it is a day worth living.

I hope this book will bring just that, and maybe a good laugh too.

— Ariel Zhang

Would you like to escape this world?

Anything can happen at any moment. The good and the ugly.

Sometimes in the midst of crisis, hope quits on us, leaving us at a dead end. We look for solutions from the outside, yet only breathe in more confusion. We then peer inside, hearing nothing but conflicted noises. The feelings of despair eventually turn into an absence of feeling…How to let go? Where is the answer?

Escaping sounds like a great idea. It distracts us from all the heaviness we are burying and carrying, at least for a minute. We keep running away from the freezing tunnel yet running into it again. But what if winter is not forever, that spring always follows after the freeze?

In this young adult fantasy you’ll:

  • Gain new perspectives on life and death
  • Discover your relationships with family, friends, self, and the Creator
  • Release yourself from the prison of the mind

If you find yourself stuck at a dead-end in life, then join Leila on her journey of discovery. Follow her to the freedom and clarity you’ve been searching for.


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