A Novella Series Based on the Deadly Coronavirus

Governor announces mandatory quarantine for California: to be enforced by a new wave of hazard officers.

Grace Nguyen is a smart girl who works as a data entry scientist in the Bay Area of California. When the Coronavirus hits her town, Grace has to deal with racism as she and other Asian Americans are blamed for the cause of the virus. After two months in quarantine, Alameda is placed under martial law and she loses her sister during a grocery store stampede.

Grace’s search for her sister leads her to make two unexpected friends—a slick street scavenger named Damian Brown and a religious hypocrite called ‘The Evangelist’.  While the cause of the Coronavirus remains a mystery to the public, the three friends uncover the frightening mystery behind the vaccine being released for the virus.  The fate of the island of Alameda depends on them.  If all goes wrong, the entire city could be trapped on the island with a creature far worse than the virus.

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