Welcome to Spain, the magical land of tomatoes, and olives!

Adoro Villa goes on a trip to Spain during his summer vacation, however while traveling in the hiking in the forest, he gets lost. While searching for his way out of the woods, he finds a young girl who is also lost just like him. The two wonder around nature's landscapes before they meet the enigmatic woman, The Lady of Elche, who helps them find their way out of Spain's scorching desert. This however comes with a tradeoff, with The Lady of Elche sends Adoro, and the young girl, Solana, to retrieve her missing blue crystal, which is being searched for by high intelligence officers as well. While the young duo are able to retrieve the blue gemstone, the situation ends up being more than they bargained for. Feeling unsafe, The Lady of Elche, sends that back in time, to an era where Adoro's ancestors were one of ancient Spain's royalty. Once there, Adoro and Solana must integrate themselves to the royals' way of lifestyle. But even if surrounded by high riches, Adoro finds himself not wanting that sort of lifestyle due to its' brutish payoffs.