Nothing is decided in advance. You have unlimited choices, and you made choices by your own.
You have many skills that made you better than others, or you lack some of the skills that others have, but these are opportunities, not decisions.

Do you know Déjà vu? This is the feeling that others call “It had happened to me in the past, I already seen it”. From spiritual point of view it means only “You are in the right place at the right time”.

Free will is a misunderstood concept. If I throw an apple it will definitely land on the ground. Most people think that the apple has the choice to either fall on the ground or levitate in the air. The reality is that apple has not the option that I have, who throw the apple. In most cases we are the apples, but we do not know who throw us.

I wanted to illustrate with the previous example that consciousness people have the decision to choose. The problem is that we do not really act like consciousness beings. We are following people who we even do not know. We are eating things we do not like.

Culture has a great influence on us. If I offer you a travel to Hawaii or to the mountains of Alps you will definitely choose Hawaii, I am 80% sure about this, but it is only cultural impact, am I seer? I do not think so 🙂