From the Urbanax Files

Can you solve the mystery?

Lightning Strikes Twice, From the Urbanax Files is an action-packed, adventure, detective story full of suspense, mystery, romance, and twists. When a kidnapping occurs in the Michaels’ home for the second time in two years, chaos ensues. The father and husband of the victims, an 8-year old and her mother calls former New Orleans Police Detective Richard Urbanax, widely considered the best in Southeast Louisiana. He is assisted by his 18-year old daughter and protégé, and his genius, 15-year old twin sons, whose sci-fi inventions are far more advanced than any other crime-fighting team in the world.

Racing against the clock, a maniacal kidnapper(s), and even one member of the NOPD, can the hostages be found before they are harmed? With so many suspects to investigate will there be enough time?

Can you figure out if it’s one kidnapper or more? Is it the same kidnapper(s) as two years ago when 6-year old cousin Cora was abducted? Is the husband and father above suspicion? Will nerves shatter as they await a ransom demand?

Each chapter reveals new clues and ends with a question that propels you into the next chapter. Whether you’re 16 or 65 you’ll get involved and try to solve the mystery.


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