A personal message from the author:

After struggling for years with failure, I realized that everything I wanted to accomplish would never come to be as long as I was not willing to put in the work. I began to put in the work and yet although my results began to change, I was still not where I wanted to be.

After thorough thinking, I understood that putting in the work does not mean go out and do everything your body can handle, but that it was a perfect balance of mind, body, and soul that would get me to achieve the things I dreamed. After this realization, I adapted what's called Lion's mindset which is the basis of this book. In simple terms, it means to take your life to the next level. Incredible how another mindset could change everything and if you put it into work you will see the world with different eyes, life suddenly begins to give all that which you always sought. After carefully studying all those who had what I always dreamed, I realized that the thing they were doing differently was how they viewed the world and what their take was towards adversity. As takeaway Lion's Gaze became core part of my life, not just a principle.

I quitted drugs, dealt with my alcohol problem, and began to achieve things I thought would take me years to achieve. I wrote this book as a reminder so that no matter where I go, I can always recall what I promised to myself. Now I want to share this mindset with others and hope that it does the same amazing things as it did to me.

— Alejandro Del Toro Lopez

How prepared are you at the adversity’s life is about to throw down your way?
Do you feel complete and ready to take on the world?

If the answers are yes, was it out of the pure experience and inner strength, or was it because you’ve met someone that inspired you to take on the world and made you feel unstoppable?

Lion’s Gaze is a book of experiences and a conglomerate of traits that throughout the years I’ve seen from the most inspiring and successful people in my life. It is not a novel for the mundane as this novel will challenge your beliefs and show you the ways of those who’ve gone above and beyond in this world so that on the day of their departure a mark is left, and their life becomes a source of inspiration to everyone in this world. The Lion is a person whose presence is felt and inspiration comes just by the sight of them. Are you prepared to take on this next level of mindset and turn yourself into a Lion? Or will you keep on being satisfied with the mundane and go through life without a care in the world?


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