The Silver Springs Christian University Series Book 3

Cara O’Brien is a bright, energetic girl who loves the outdoors. Her life has been placed somewhat on hold as she waits in faithful hope for her boyfriend Kaleb Proctor, to return from America.

In the meantime, Cara has to deal with her friend Dylan Perett, who was once her faithful suitor, but has become embittered by constant rejection. Is it too late for Cara to regain Dylan’s friendship and what does he mean to her really?
Love always Hopes is the third instalment in the Silver Springs Christian University Series. Each tale features a different heroine, and can be read as a standalone or serial continuation of the loves and losses of your favourite characters. The preceding books were Faith and Love and Silver Springtime.

Cecelia is a Christian writer who spent some years volunteering as a counsellor. She hopes that sharing her insights (in fictional form) can help empower modern youth. Life is all about maintaining your deepest beliefs and remaining true to yourself while dealing with daily challenges.


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