A Read Aloud Picture Book with Rhymes for Fathers with Young Kids, Daughters and Sons

Loving Family Read Aloud Picture Series Book 2

Additional illustrator: Jimmie Kennaugh 

A read-aloud animal picture book with sweet, touching, and funny rhymes to read to young children: preschool or kindergarten. It's the 2nd book of a series ‘Loving Family Read Aloud Picture Books'. It's for young parents or parents-to-be or any special event like celebrating children's birthdays to cherish special moments together as the kids are growing up. Suitable for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any upcoming holidays.

Why DAD is always dear and special to our hearts, teach your young child to read with this read-aloud book.

Growing up with love and kindness is a journey worth celebrating, and in this heartwarming picture book, a father and child can go on their adventure together. Beautifully crafted rhymes with some funny and touching poems, this book captures the essence of childhood and the power of a father's love. From teaching valuable life lessons on kindness, strength, and forgiveness to reminding children to cherish precious moments, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom and joy.

With every turn of the page, children may feel their hearts fill with warmth and love, as they discover the joys of growing up with a father's guidance. Perfect for bedtime reads, family storytime, or gifting to someone special.

  • Colorful daddy and baby animal pictures with a wonderful art style for kids to immerse in.
  • Sweetly and wittily crafted rhymes to read aloud to your child so they can speak and read early.

For any new dad, a papa-to-be, or for that perfect father-child moment at birthdays and other special events all year, this book is a timeless reminder that growing up with love and kindness is a journey worth savoring.

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