A recent study showed that people that have lucid dreams have greater insight in their wake life too.

The study was performed by Dr Patrick Bourke, Senior Lecturer at the Lincoln School of Psychology and his student Hannah Shaw at the University of Lincoln.

The study examined 68 participants aged between 18 and 25 who had experienced different levels of lucid dreaming, from never to several times a month. They were asked to solve 30 problems designed to test insight. Each problem consisted of three words and a solution word. Each of the three words could be combined with the solution word to create a new compound word.

Just an example with the words ‘sand’, ‘mile’ and ‘age’, the linking word would be ‘stone’.

Results showed that frequent lucid dreamers solved 25 per cent more of the insight problems than the non-lucid dreamers.

Miss Shaw also has the following interesting comment in respect of the lucid dreaming:

We aren't entirely sure why some people are naturally better at lucid dreaming than others

unrealisticLucid dreaming is a really interesting phenomena. During the sleeping phase, we experience events that are occurring ‘in our brain' and we could visualize them. The most common debate whether the dream happens in another dimension, or just in our brain.

If we are interested in the wider perspective, I would say that dreams are happening in the astral sphere, and our brain tries to translate to physical events. This why they seem to be inconsistent.

When we start a dream, we suddenly lose our everyday's will. We are not able to force anything in our dreams, however we are able to do anything. Your consciousness exists and remains with you during the dream, but it is not your everyday ego. You are much more and much less in your dream. Pure existence.

Lucid dreaming has a controversial characteristic: sometimes you are aware in your dream, and next day you have a ‘normal' day. Why people are not able to sustain the consciousness to have lucid dreams every day? I suspect because there is no need to be in lucid state constantly, you spend almost 80% of your day with doing a job or watching tv at home not even have a clue, what you have done at that very day. It works the same in your dream, your existance (inner self) is working automatically, your deepest fears appearing in your dream to face with them. The worst and the best things can happen in your dream to experience things you won't in physical life.

In your dreams your are much closer to your inner self, this is the only consciousness way that is available for everyone to look outside the rabbithole.