Have you ever tried to catch the moon?

Lulu is a sweet and quirky girl who loves playing in nature! She loves to spend time with the animals and wrestling in the mud. The other girls don’t like to play with her and the boys only make fun of her. There are times when Lulu feels like she never fits in. But when Lulu discovers an opportunity to catch the moon, she soon learns about the value of true friendship, courage, and why you should always embrace who you are.

With beautiful and vivid illustrations paired with an inspiring story, this heartwarming children’s book will empower children of all ages with valuable themes of friendship, loyalty and courage. Kids will adore reading about Lulu’s adventure while it imparts important lessons about embracing being different and staying true to yourself, even if you feel like you don’t fit in.

Book details:

  • Contains a touching and memorable story with beautiful illustrations
  • Makes a fun bedtime story for you to bond with your child
  • Ideal for boys and girls of all ages. Especially ages 5-8
  • Lovely songs to sing and dance to
  • Shares valuable lessons about being true to yourself, friendship, loyalty, and courage
  • Makes a perfect gift for a child, grandchild, cousin or student you know

So if you’re searching for a unique tale about a brave and quirky girl with a huge heart, or if you want to inspire your child with compelling moral lessons, Lulu the Moon Catcher is a touching tale which will soon become a cherished part of your bookshelf.

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