New Beginning Book 1

Personal message from the author:
“When you think about the people you love, you think about what you would do for them. You think about the good times, the bad times, and that's what I wanted to show.”
— Terrance Geter

In times past, the earth was inhabited by a number of people, their daughters were so gorgeous that heavenly creatures descended to marry from amongst them. A fraction of them were Angels who had the ability to control certain elements such as Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.

The union gave birth to a generation of powerful Heroes and Warriors. Unfortunately, a disaster befell the people, a great flood occurred and wiped out a large portion of the population of people in existence at that time and left only the ones who followed God. Those who survived formed Kingdoms in the various axis of the world, Quindell, the land of fire; Ghibli, the land of wind; Avania, the earth kingdom; and, Meridia, the water kingdom. It was against the norm that one should marry from another kingdom, as it was believed that they will suffer a tragic loss of their child at birth. However, some defaulters were able to get away with it.

Zayden’s father and Mother were one of them. Zayden, as a result, had the power to control the wind; his adventure, however, began when he discovered he had some other power harnessed within him. It is uncommon to have the ability to control more than one element so this aroused concern among his friends and relatives. Avik, an angel, offered to help Zayden gain control of this hidden power. They embarked on a trip to a place known to be a replica of Heaven on earth “The floating island” to seek help from Master All.

Leaving behind his best friend “Bryan” and his sister, “Penny”, can Zayden make the great sacrifice required to maneuver the obstacles and challenges on the path of becoming a “Zeal” just like his parents? Read this amazing piece of art to find out….


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